From Globalism to Nationalism to…

2016 has turned out to be a great year. Not only have the Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years, but the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union of which it has been a member for four decades, and the United States has elected an anti-establishment, nationalist president.

It appears that the Western world is slowly but surely turning away from globalism in favor of nationalism. Though nationalism puts a bad taste in the mouth of libertarians and anarchists, and for good reason, I am going to make the case that this movement is a step in the right direction and a great sign for a more free world in the future.

For many people, nationalism brings up images of Nazi Germany. This is incorrect, as, even though they proclaimed their party “National Socialist”, they invaded other countries unprovoked. Nationalism is the preference to put the needs and interests of one’s own country above those of others, while acknowledging that another country have that same right. Invading another country if not necessary for defense is not nationalistic.

Still, I understand and agree with libertarians’ view of nationalism: it is collectivism. Individualism and liberty would be highly preferable. I disagree, however, when they propose that we do not vote for or support nationalism when faced with globalism, as neither are ideal and doing so would be to support the lesser of two evils. Indeed, it is, but the ideal is not currently an option, and with nationalism chosen over globalism, it may eventually become one.

If all goes to plan, we seem to be going in the direction of the quote above. We have for the most part realized that a global or international government is not necessary nor moral, and have begun rejecting it in favor of national governments. Eventually, we may realize that many of the same issues arise under national governments, though to a lesser extent, and begin to break up nations by having states/provinces secede, and so on and so forth until we arrive to the point where individualism is indeed an option.

Until then, we must continue to oppose collectivism where it is most prevalent. President-elect Trump has proposed that we leave NATO if they do not pull their financial weight. Britain looks set to leave the European Union, and France may have a similar opportunity. We must support these efforts to break up the globalist plot for increased collectivist control wherever possible and continue until the Balkanization of governance reaches the individual level.


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