The Day Milo Yiannopoulos Took the PC Route

December 2nd, 2016 will forever be marked as the day Milo Yiannopoulos himself decided to shy away from politically incorrect truths.

I just watched the Ohio University visit of his Dangerous Faggot tour, wherein Milo received a question from a member of the crowd.

At about 1:21:14 in the video, the questioner obnoxiously plugs his podcast and then proceeds to ask Milo about his opinion on the differences in IQ between the races, and whether or not he leads the alt-right.

Milo explains that he is not a member of the alt-right, though he agrees with them about political correctness. He then says he finds the discussion about racial differences in IQ “quite distasteful” (which puts into question his disagreement with political correctness, as those on the left would find many of the things he talks about quite distasteful as well, despite or perhaps because of the fact that it is not an argument).

While talking about the IQ differences, at about 1:23:06, he claims he has “no reason to believe that’s the case”, from which one could guess he means that he has no reason to believe that the races have differing IQs. Except, you know, facts[1][2]. It is often debated as to whether the differences in IQ between ethnicities are more genetic or more environmental, but it is not contested that those differences do, in fact, exist.

Milo goes on to say that people who “push that kind of stuff” “absolutely hate” him, and implies that they are “white supremacists and anti-semites” (despite the fact that Ashkenazi Jews score the highest of all races on IQ tests, so it is not a very “anti-semitic” fact to “push”). He clearly must have forgotten the conversation he had just a few weeks prior with Stefan Molyneux, who has made many videos about the afformentioned IQ differences, and is, as I’m sure Milo would admit, by no measure a white supremacist or anti-semite.


I forsee that many who might read this post may have some preconceptions about this topic and by proxy, me, so in order to prevent the wasting of future time, I will attempt to preemptively defend myself and my article here.

Firstly, I am not alt-right, nor am I defending the alt-right. I will defend facts if they are correct, no matter how vehemently I may disagree with those who tell them.

Secondly, I do not believe that there is any superior or inferior race. Certainly particular races are in general superior in some aspects (e.g. Ashkenazi Jews and East Asians in intelligence; West African blacks in running speed; northern European whites in upper body strength; etc.) and inferior in others (e.g. blacks in swimming; Native Americans, Asians, and non-whites in general in their lesser ability to process alcohol; whites in their vulnerability to sunburns; etc.), but it cannot be said that any one race is overall better than another, as they have all adapted to their own environments. For example, if one were to put a Norseman in the Congo, or an Australian Aboriginee in Greenland, before the advent of modern living accomodations and medicine, they would likely not live a very long or healthful life, as their races have adapted differing features in order to survive in differing environments.

Thirdly: Am I an unrelenting nitpicker? Yes.


1. Race and intelligence – Wikipedia
2. Papers and Statistics on Race and Genetic IQ Differences – ISGP Studies


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