Why Infighting is Eating the Liberty Movement Alive

This year’s election has shown that both the left and the right are crumbling. The left is all over the place, as many Bernie supporters, a significant proportion of Democrat voters, refused to vote for Clinton and defected to third parties and even to Trump. Not to mention the more radical politically correct sects of leftism continuing to cannibalize each other over who has superiority in the hierarchy of their victim totem pole.

The right has had a better time of it, as despite the #NeverTrump movement, the majority of Republicans rallied behind Trump. Of course, comprising the #MAGA crowd were subgroups such as the alt-right, regular Republicans, pragmatic anarcho-capitalists and libertarians, etc., all of which, of course, have problems with each other.

Purism like this tends to eat movements from the inside out. A prime example would be the liberty movement. Libertarianism is one of the most scattered philosophies of all, which likely comes from the very individualist core of libertarian thought. As the saying goes, trying to rally libertarians is like trying to herd cats.

The liberty movement consists of many subgroups: full-blown anarchists like myself, minarchists, Libertarian Party types, left-libertarians, and even some Republicans, to name the most noticeable off the top of my head. This in itself would not be indicative of a crippled movement, however the fact that many of these subgroups have more fierce disagreements and arguments with each other than with those north of us on the political compass would indeed.

Another great example would be My Big Fat Balls, a Facebook page on which I am an admin. If ever there was more abundantly clear infighting between anarchists – itself a subset of libertarians – I’ve not seen it. Many of the ball memes posted on the page are directed at one of the two main groups of anarchists on the page – anarcho-capitalists and anarcho-primitivists.

I would argue that the intense lack of unity within the libertarian school of thought, though understandable, is a large reason why libertarianism has not gone far in politics. I certainly don’t have an answer as to how it can be fixed, and I’m not going to blame anyone in particular for it, mainly because I believe it is inherent in individualism and not a product of incompetence or sabotage on the part of anyone, and partly because I myself have taken part in it (I just posted about how Milo was too PC) and doing so would be hypocritical, but it definitely is a weakness which our enemies do not share.


I just watched Mike Cernovich’s recent Periscope titled “Bush league ‘turf wars’ are why the Right loses“, where he explains how the same phenomenon is happening in the right.


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