About the Anti-Trump Rioters

Since Trump was inaugurated yesterday (yes, he is your president), there have been many violent riots around the country. The barbaric subhuman tendencies of the degenerate far left seem to have reached their peak. The egging on of the media and celebrities for the past year and a half have built up and the levee of reason has broken and made way for the tides of regressive violence.

The riots are not just at Washington, D.C., where there are tear gas and pressure grenades being thrown by police to subdue the childlike barely-double-digit-IQ imbeciles smashing windows of places like Starbucks (apparently they didn’t know Starbucks’ CEO endorsed Hillary) and setting cars on fire, but also at Milo Yiannopoulos’ University of Washington visit where there was a shooting outside.

You know, as much as I pity these retarded toddlers in adult bodies, I hate them vehemently as well (I didn’t put as much effort towards avoiding the hatred as Stefan Molyneux did). Sometimes I wish Hillary or even Bernie would have won just so they would suffer more in the long run, and so that they would maybe have one more chance of seeing that the consequences of leftism are catastrophic (though the evils of communist Russia and China during the 20th century didn’t do much to dissuade them for very long). Instead, they will get to reap the benefits of Trump’s presidency (that’s probably why they’re mad, because when the economy improves they will no longer have an excuse to leech off the taxpayers, or their parents for that matter, and will have to get off their fat asses and try and get a job).

Hey, on a brighter yet darker note, if Trump does go insane and fascist like the left has been predicting, he would use the executive power they have been building up for Obama against them.

EDIT: I made a YouTube video about how the left’s behavior could turn people farther away from leftism.


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