The Yuge Wall of America

I just wanted to showcase my new beautiful illustration of what Donald Trump’s southern border wall of the United States will look like.

Featuring the wall itself, upon which a Trumpenreich Border Guard kicks an illegal alien back to south. On the Mexican side we see Mexican gang members warring over drugs, a vulture with a cocaine straw sticking out of its beak flying overhead, a broken down peublo house, cacti, one of which has a bull’s skull resting against it, fires plaguing the landscape, and an overall hellish look. However, on the American side of the wall, there is a large wooden house, a two children using a swingset, and a father grilling dinner. Beyond them lies a range of glorious mountains and a pine forest, with a majestic bald eagle flying gracefully in the clear blue sky.

Click here to see the full image


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