Dear Far Left: You Don’t Want a Civil War

After watching the chaos unfold at events like the Trump inauguration and a few of Milo Yiannopoulos’ tour visits, it seems apparent to me that at least a radical fringe of the left really want to bypass reasoned debate and go straight to political violence towards those they disagree with. The logical conclusion of this, and the fact that at least half the country is rather conservative, these leftists seem to want some sort of civil war, since argument looks to be off the table entirely.

The thought of a civil war doesn’t even approach the realm of hypothetical at this point. I am not saying it is going to happen nor am I saying it should. I am simply going to try to shake the people with the pipe dream of starting one out of their delusions.

First of all, the amount of people who would be okay with initiating force and taking up arms against their political enemies is very slim. Even within the far left, I doubt that many of them are rooted deep enough in their beliefs to risk their lives defending them. The same can’t be said about those they would be fighting. If your belief is some abstract utopian fevered dream of absolute political correctness, a complete lack of free speech for political dissidents, and, let’s be honest, an otherwise omnipotent communistic regime based fundamentally on forcing others to conform to your ideology, you most likely don’t have very much of a vested interest in making that a reality. In other words, you know making this belief of yours come true wouldn’t bring you enough happiness to warrant the risk.

On the other hand, people who aren’t even necessarily on the right, but people who cherish and want to preserve for themselves and their descendants the freedoms you want to take away from them (such as the freedom of speech), even if they aren’t very political will fight tooth and nail to stop you from doing so. They perceive freedom as something worth defending at all costs and recognize that the outcome that would be brought about by your vision would be a much worse fate than anything that can happen to them in a war.

Not to mention the right has almost every advantage over you. Conservatives are the ones who cherish and exercise their right to bear arms. I’d imagine they own most of the guns. Also the majority of the police and military are right-leaning, as is their new commander in cheif and secretary of defense.

In conclusion: it seems ridiculous to even be talking theoretically about a second civil war in the United States between the left and right. It just seems like the left wants the debate to come to violence and I just wanted to show them just how much of a disaster it would be for them if they kept it up.


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