The New Fascists

The left just keeps degenerating.

It astonishes me that the people who rioted and shut down Milo Yiannopoulos’ UC Berkeley visit have survived this long, without, say, accidentally strangling themselves while trying to tie their shoes.

None of this is new. It happened during President Trump’s inauguration and during Milo’s University of Washington visit. What surprises me, however, is that these people, dressed head to toe in black and red, violently suppressing dissident speech from a gay Jew, call themselves anti-fascists.

I’ve stopped pitying these… I guess you could call them people (except the “anarcho”-communists, I still get a laugh out of them), and gone straight to reciprocal hate. Anyone who has not yet been repulsed by the far left’s simian violence in response to arguments as well their irreparable hypocrisy, is beyond saving at this point. If they haven’t seen what the left has become now they probably never will, until they commit atrocities akin to those of Stalin and Mao (and even those didn’t turn very many people away from authoritarian leftism).

I, for one, wonder what is taking the San Andreas fault line so long….


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