Check Out My YouTube Channel(s)

As this is a personal blog, I will not stick only to politics. As you can see in my About page, I have several YouTube channels. I recently uploaded a parody of Eminem’s Bad Meets Evil but replaced him and Royce da 5’9″ with Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin respectively.

That was uploaded on HistoRaps, my channel dedicated to historically-themed raps, songs, and parodies. Hitler is well-known enough and can be portrayed in a silly enough light that he is perfect for parodies.

My main and biggest channel is Slam Bash, where I post mostly comedic sketches and the occasional music video or vlog.

My gaming channels are Slam Bash Games, where I just did a couple livestreams, one where I played Club Penguin (a game I started playing almost a decade ago) on its last day, with my friend ICONIC Zy0n. The second is ICONIC SPARTAN, the channel for the gaming clan I co-founded years ago with ICONIC Zy0n and another guy.

I have a few political channels. One being Evan Xavier Hughes, which is my personal channel and my main politics channel. My most popular political channel is The Voluntary Rebellion, where I post meme videos relating to libertarianism (the most viewed one being Hitler Reacts to Taxation is Theft, which got OVER 9,000 views on YouTube and over 90,000 on Facebook. The third one is Stefan Molyneux Thug Life where I post, well, thug life videos of Stefan Molyneux.

I, of course, recommend you subscribe to all of them. Some are more active than others, but I always provide quality content (just don’t look at my Slam Bash videos from 2013).


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