The US Government – Enemy to Mankind

I am an American, and a proud one. I was born and raised here, and have in fact never set foot outside its borders. There is no place on Earth in which I would have rather been born. I am a patriot and I love the American people and the values upon which the nation was founded.

Why, then, do I distrust its modern government more than almost any other individual or organization in the world? Why do I see it as the main enemy of and the biggest danger to the human race?

I’ve had great disdain for our government for as long as I’ve had any inkling of thought on the matter of politics. Of course, as an anarcho-capitalist, I dislike all government, but I have come to the conclusion that the US government is, since the fall of the Soviet Union and perhaps even before, the most dangerous on the planet.

Try this thought experiment: just try to think about the last great thing the US has done on an international scale. The last thing it has done to make the world a better or safer place. I, personally, can’t think of one since World War II. What have they done since then? Took part in a few bloody, unsuccessful proxy wars in East Asia, funded and supported the Mujahideen of Afghanistan who went on to become the very terrorist organizations they still fight to this day, and toppled the governments of and destabilized the regions of Iraq and Libya (further benefiting those aforementioned terrorists), just to name a few.

On a domestic scale they’ve drastically increased their own power and restricted our freedoms, especially since 9/11, due, among others, to the Patriot Act and NDAA. They’ve increased the debt exponentially to the point where, if the debt was divided among the population, I was over 20,000 dollars in debt the year I was born.

Why, now, do I all of a sudden post about this? What brought it to the forefront of my attention?

Well, I realized, while watching Syrian President Bashar al-Assad speak about the chemical incident on April 4th, that the leader of a war-torn, third-world Middle-Eastern country is more honest than my own government.

For example, during his interview with the French media, he argued “let’s suppose we have this [chemical weapons] arsenal, and let’s suppose that we have the will to use it, why didn’t we use it while we were retreating and the terrorists were advancing? Actually, the timing of that attack, or alleged attack, was when the Syrian army was advancing very fast, and actually the terrorists were collapsing. So, why use it at that timing, not when you are in a difficult situation?” His second reason that it would be illogical to use the chemical weapons was: “if you want to use it, if you have it and if you want to use it, again, this is if we suppose, why use it against civilians, not use it against the terrorists that we are fighting?”

His third reason was: “In that area, we don’t have army, we don’t have battles, we don’t have any object in Khan Sheikhoun and it’s not [a] strategic area. Why attack it? What reason? Militarily, I’m talking about from a military point of view.

“Of course, the foundation for us morally, we wouldn’t do it if we have it, we wouldn’t have the will because morally this [is] not acceptable. We won’t have the support of the public. So every indication is against the whole story“.

He also noted: “If they said we launched the sarin gas from [the] airbase [that was hit], what happened to the sarin when they attacked the depots? Did we hear about any sarin? Our chief of staff was there a few hours later. How could he go there if there was sarin gas?”

This differs from American government/media responses in that Assad provides reason and points out logical inconsistencies, while, for example Trump’s response had only emotional appeal (e.g. “beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack”) and an assertion that “there can be no dispute that Syria used banned chemical weapons”, despite all rationality and the lack of concrete evidence.

Later in the interview, Assad pointed out that Trump’s change of mind about conflict in the Middle-East was “proof that it’s not about the president in the United States, it’s about the regime. The deep state or the deep regime in the United States is still the same, it doesn’t change. The president is only one of the performers on their theater”. Later, when asked if he thought there would be another attack by the US, he said “As long as the United States [is] being governed by this complex of [the] military-industrial complex and the financial companies, banks, and this deep regime, and works for the vested interests of those groups, of course, it could happen any time, anywhere, not only in Syria”.

Can you imagine any American politician having the balls to call out the deep state, let alone ascribe unnecessary military escalation to it? I can only think of a few isolated cases, one of which resulted in death. Let us hope, for the sake of the American and Syrian people and military personnel, that the deep state does not seek that same fate for Assad (though all reason and prior events indicate that they do).

Another source of my distrust and disdain for the US government is the fact that there is a deep state, that there is a PetroDollar. Every action taken and statement made I take with not a grain, but a Himalayan mine-full of salt. I know that they have a “secret” agenda and an ulterior motive behind everything they do.

Anyway, these are my reasons why I hate the United States government with all my heart, and regard it as the main threat to the well-being of the human race. Do you disagree? Do you agree but have something to add? Did I get my facts wrong? Comment below.

To help fight the upcoming push for war in Syria, join the Facebook group called Stand Down, Mr. Trump, created by Storm Clouds Gathering.


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