My name is as my site says, Evan Hughes. I included my middle name, even though I rarely use it in real life, not just because it sounds cool and professional, but because there are a lot of Evan Hugheses out there.

I was born on December 22, 2001, making me 14 by the time I created this site. I was born in Illinois, and have lived all over… the Midwest.


First and foremost I am an advocate of reason, evidence, and logic. I do not simply “believe” things. My positions can be moved if another argument comes up and shows that they are invalid.

I am an anarcho-capitalist. I argue that government is in its very existence a violation of the Non-Aggression Principle, and thus immoral, and that taxation is theft.

I supported Trump not because I agreed with 100% of his policies, nor did I all of a sudden change my mind and believe that he, or anybody for that matter, should have the power that he now has. I supported him because he was the only option if one wishes to one day have a truly free society. Hillary Clinton was clearly unacceptable. She would have done nothing to stop illegal immigration and would have increased the amount of Islamic migrants coming to America (this in itself would not be a problem if we did have a free society, but unfortunately we don’t and the vast majority of these people would have gone on welfare and leeched off of the system, which adds to its unsustainability). She would do nothing to, and in fact most likely curtail efforts to defend Western civilization, the only culture from which an anarcho-capitalist society could spawn. Not to mention her warmongering stance toward Russia, which could have very well ended life on Earth (which isn’t a very good platform from which to cultivate a free society).

As for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, they were irrelevant as they didn’t have a chance.


I am not religious. I certainly do not believe in any of the existing religions. Though I acknowledge that, say, Christianity has some good aspects to it, such as the morality that some people get from it, I think it is wrong to teach kids the actual statements of fact made in the Bible, and to tell them that they will suffer for eternity if they do not obey the “word of God” (a book written by humans, and interpreted and taught to them by humans). I do not deny the possibility of there being a “God”, whether that be a humanoid deity or an omnipotent entity that controls the universe, etc. I simply have no proof or evidence of one and thus I do not assert that one exists.


I am an avid yet moderate gamer. I play Grand Theft Auto Online frequently on the PlayStation 4 (my PSN name is EvMaN_01). My favorite games have to be Red Dead Redemption, (most of) the Assassin’s Creed series (I am actually a frequent editor, and ranked #26 out of over a thousand, on the Assassin’s Creed Wiki), and pre-2014 Call of Duty (plus Black Ops III to a lesser extent).

Below are a set of gamercards showing my progression in Assassin’s Creed III, as well as an overall card for my PSN profile. If I find similar things for other games I’ve played I will add them here.

Assassin's Network

Assassin's Network

I am also a YouTuber. I have not acquired a great deal of fame over the years (yes, years. I started my first YouTube channel in 2013), but I make videos mostly for fun. My channels include Slam Bash, a comedy/whatever I want channel; Slam Bash Games, my gaming channel; HistoRaps, historical rap parodies and songs; ICONIC SPARTAN, my Call of Duty clan channel; The Voluntary Rebellion, my first political channel and the host of a relatively viral video of mine, “Hitler Reacts to Taxation is Theft“, which got over 90,000 views on FacebookEvan Xavier Hughes, my second political channel and my personal channel; and, last but not least, Stefan Molyneux Thug Life, a channel for Thug Life videos of Stefan Molyneux.

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